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Anna DAvies
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Hey there,

As I'm writing this in 2020, I'm a First-Year Design student at the University of Auckland.

A couple of fast facts about me to start off:

  - I love cats and animals in general!

  - I most likely watch too many movies and tv-shows.

  - I studied Spanish from Year 9 - 13 and I hope to study abroad in the future!

  - I am conscious of my environmental impact and want this to show in my future design  projects.

As for my connection to design... I loved design before I knew what it even was. I was always creating things and bingeing DIY videos on YouTube. From kindergarten to college,  art was a large part of my school life. For me, it was a hobby, and it wasn't until I studied DVC and Design for NCEA, that I realised it could be my career path! I want this site to be a sort of scrapbook of my design journey, so I hope you'll follow along!

some favourites from my camera roll

About me

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